Quick How-tos

"What would you like to capture or record?" - Here is a quick highlight of different ways. Feature summary

Rectangular area

Capture any part of your screen instantly or adjust the area before capturing.
Large mouse cursor? | Use hotkeys? | How to select accurately? | Watch on Youtube

Fixed area

Set any area of the screen to be captured or recorded. Useful when you need to monitor something or schedule a task. Include your webcam anywhere on the screen.

Any window, multiple windows, and hidden windows

You can pick a window, a child window, an object on a window, or multiple objects. It works with the active window too. Watch on Youtube

Full screen

It works with multiple monitors by default. It takes game screens too.
Step-by-step guide

Shape, freehand, and polygons

When you need to get a specific area on the screen, this will be handy. It saves time to edit it in Image Editor.

Auto scroll

For long web pages, and large windows, ScreenHunter can make it scroll down automatically and take a full page screenshot. Watch on Youtube

Here are two quick step-by-step examples for you to get started:

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