Operation Flow

The capture operation flow can be summarized in the following easy steps:

How to select an area precisely?

When selecting an area, the screenshot size is defined by the visible area of the selection.

e.g. We are looking to capture the blue box, which is 100x100 in size.

Use Rectangular area capture to select the starting point of the blue box.
Use the arrow keys 🠈 🠊 🠉 🠋 to move the mouse pointer before pressing down the mouse button.
(Note: The pink box in the enlarged area is covered by the crosshair.)
Hold the mouse button down and drag to select the blue box.
Use the arrow keys 🠈 🠊 🠉 🠋 to move one pixel at a time.
Then, release the mouse.

How to NOT show any popups after I capture?

Copy & Paste operations

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