Timer Group

Check only if you need to use timer features.

Set a delay from the moment the button or hotkey is pressed to the time the image gets captured or the recording is started. The maximum delay time is 100 seconds.

In delayed capture/recording, when the count-down timer is displayed, click again to capture/record right away.

Capture according to a schedule. It will be enabled when Fixed area, Active window or Specific window is selected in Window, or Full screen is selected in the Screen group.

Scheduled Capture Settings Dialog
Capture an image or record a video.

Start at

Calendar - Set the starting time for the recurrence. Click the drop-down to select the date. Type or press the up and down arrows to set the hour, minute, and second.

ScreenHunter startup - Start capturing or recording when ScreenHunter is launched.
Step-by-step guide

Choose from the following options,

Once - Only capture or record once.
Every day - Capture or record every day.
Weekly – Check the days you want.
Monthly - Choose a day in the month and month intervals.

Choose how the scheduled captures will finish.

Forever - No end date.
End at – End at a specific date and time.

The text on the button will show what you selected on the dialog, in this format:
(type) (date-time) (schedule)

(type): img - image; vid – video
(date-time): month-day hour : minute 
(schedule): 1 - Once; d – Every day; w – Weekly; m - Monthly

For example, this means capturing images, starting on December 12 at 9:30, and every day afterward.

This means capturing an image one time only at ScreenHunter startup.

For scheduled video recordings, you can set the video length on the Save Video tab.

Capture every ( auto-capture, for image only)
Automatically capture images at given intervals. Available when Fixed area, Active window, or Specific window in Window, or Full screen is selected in the Screen group.

Choose an interval time and unit for auto-capture and assign a duration of capture.

To stop auto-capturing after it's started
Press Capture Now again. The button will have an indication when auto-capturing.
Press the image capture hotkey again if hotkeys are used.

In auto-capture, no captured images are sent to Image Editor automatically.

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