Object Tools

Rather than painting directly on an image, you can draw a vector object on a layer that is over the image. Object drawing is a shape-based process where every line, shape, and text is editable.

Select object - Before you can do anything with any object, you must use this tool to select it.
Once an object is selected, Properties Panel displays the properties of the object and you can make changes on the panel.

To select objects:

Click the object or,
Drag a selection area around the objects

To select multiple objects, hold down Ctrl or Shift and click the object. The first selected object is the anchor object for alignment (handles are red ).

To toggle an object in the selection, hold down the Ctrl key and click the object.

To move objects:

Drag handles of the object or,
Use arrow keys 🠈 🠊 🠉 🠋 on the keyboard to move 1 pixel at a time.

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