Easy animated GIF creator!

Compatible with Windows 11 | Last updated: Oct. 9, 2020

The easiest way to make animated GIF files for you with this all-in-one animated GIF creator!

MotionGIF 4 has a user-friendly interface. With an array of built-in features, you can create great-looking animated GIF files in no time. With the new version, you can create scalable, vector-based drawing objects as well as adding photos and pictures.

Loaded with time-saving productivity tools, animation creation is just a few clicks away.

Some samples


Ruheen Kaur, download3k

If you are fascinated by the sight of GIF images like the ones showing sparkling flowers, fireworks lighting up the night sky, scenery with snowing effect, so on, and wonder how to create such images, then look no further. MotionGIF is the tool that can help you to create such beautiful animated GIF images which you can publish on your own web page or use as your computer's wallpaper. This program lets you create scalable, vector-based animated files such as images, drawings, and text. It is rich with amazing features like 48 built-in visual effects, transparent colors support, reusable library of objects, image editor, built-in player, and much more.

The interface of this program is well-organized but is not as instinctive as it could have been, especially novice users might have to put in extra effort to understand its working. However, with the help of default image library provided by the program, they will be well acquitted with the program after sometime. Icons for all the main functions are aligned nicely in the top toolbar and some of these are - Add New Frame, Delete Frame, Animation Properties, Insert Frame Transition, and Toolbox to add image, text, or draw. Rest of the window is divided into four main panels - the Left panel is for General Library, Center panel displays the image being edited in Image Editor, Right panel shows property sheet of the selected image, and bottom panel shows different frames of an image.

Jerome Johnston, FindMySoft.com MotionGIF - create GIF animations with ease...