Alignment & More

More object editing features are available from the Objects menu and toolbar.

Convert Objects to Bitmap
When one or more objects are selected, you can convert them to bitmap.

Once they are converted and painted, they become part of the bitmap and they are not editable anymore.

Bring to Front, Bring Forward, Send Backward, Send Back
If there is more than one object and they overlap, ScreenHunter stacks objects based on the order in which they were created, placing the most recently created object on the top of the stack.

You can change the order by selecting the object and choosing the menu items.
E.g. Setting the order for the blue star object:

Bring to Front

Bring Forward

Send Back

Send Backward

Align and Make Same measurement functions
You can select more than one object and apply the alignment functions.

The red color handles indicate the anchor object.

Align Left

Align Center Vertically

Align Right

Align Top

Align Center Horizontally

Align Bottom

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