Step-by-step #2: Record Videos

Recording a video uses many similar settings and operations as capturing an image.

Step #1:

Step #1 is the same as capturing an image in Step-by-step #1.

Step #2: Choose Where to Save: "Save Videoā€¯

In this example, on the Save Video tab, check Sound to record audio in your video, and choose a Quality and your specific Frame rate.

In the Video File group, check MP4 to save as a MPEG-4 file.

Select Automatic for the filename and click the filename button to the right if you want to change the format.

Step #3: Record

 To record, click Record Now at the top

- or -
 Press your hotkey on your keyboard, F8 in this case, to start recording.

Same way as capturing an image to select an area, and adjust it.
Click the video button to start recording.

To Stop

When recording has started, the Record Now button will be changed to a Stop button.
You can click it to stop, or you can press the stop hotkey to stop.
When recording, the flashing indicator can be shown and you may click the Stop button at the bottom to stop.

How to start a clean recording?

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