Step-by-step #1: Capture Images

This example shows how to capture a rectangular area screen.

Instant Capture Example

The basic operation is to use tabs to change your settings, press Capture Now(or a hokey) to capture an image, and Record Now(or a hokey) to record a video.

Step #1: Setup - Using the tabs

Basically, if you don't want to change settings, you can press Capture Now at the top to capture.

Pick a hotkey to start (optional)
A hotkey is a keyboard shortcut that you press on your keyboard to start capturing, so you don't have to press Capture Now, or ScreenHunter is hidden.
You can choose any key combination to set up Single or Multiple hotkeys.

Pick what you want on tabs
In this example, we selected the Rectangular(Rect.) area in the Screen group.
In the Add group, select Cursor.

Step #2: Choose Where to Save: "Save Image"

In this example, on the Save Image tab, select Editor so we can edit the capture directly after, and select Clipboard to copy the capture to the Windows Clipboard.
In the Image Files group, select PNG to save as a PNG file.
Select Automatic for the filenames to be created automatically.

Step #3: Capture

 To capture, click Capture Now at the top

- or -
 Press your hotkey on your keyboard, F6 in this case, to capture.

Click and hold down the mouse button, then drag to select an area on the screen. Release the mouse button to capture.

If Adjust is checked, the selected area is then highlighted. You can use your mouse or arrow keys to adjust the size of the area and click the camera button to capture an image. Also, you can press Enter on your keyboard to finish.
If Adjust is not checked, this step is skipped.

Adjustable Selection Example

Step #4: Get Your Screenshot

Find your capture. In this case, it is in the ScreenHunter folder on your Desktop.

If you used another location to save your captures, you can find your capture by opening the location folder:
The capture is also copied to your clipboard so that you can paste to another program, such as MS Word by using Ctrl+V or paste.

To Cancel

Press Esc or right-click the mouse button to cancel at any time.

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