Options - When Capturing Group

When Capturing

Hide main window - Check to hide the ScreenHunter main window when capturing.

Show crosshairs - Check to show the screen-wide crosshairs.

Show flashing indicator while recording - Check to show the flashing indicator when recording, except the full-screen recording.

Press Esc to cancel recording - When Esc is pressed during recording, it will stop and save the video.

When capturing an image, pressing Esc will always cancel the operation.

Highlight Color - Select the color used to draw the crosshairs and highlight boxes.

Magnifier - Zoom the area around the mouse pointer.

Show in upper left - Show the zoom in the upper left corner.
Magnifier Size - Select the area size around the mouse pointer to be zoomed in.
Magnifying Times - Select how much larger you want it zoomed in.

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