Transparent images are pictures that you can see through. In ScreenHunter Image Editor, by making the background layer transparent, you get a transparent image.

Transparent image cut & paste

Once you set the image to transparent, you may use the Rectangle or Freehand selection tool to select an area to move, copy, and cut & paste, between transparent and non-transparent images:

In the bitmap layer, if a screenshot covers the canvas, entire area, you may not see through right away. When you remove some parts of the bitmap layer, you can see the transparent area is marked by a checkerboard pattern.

Transparency is only saved in PNG and SHF files.

How to set background transparent?

Any of the following ways can make the image transparent:

1. Use Flood fill to fill with Transparent color:

You may adjust the flood fill tolerance for the magic wand effect.

2. Choose Transparent Background from the Bitmap menu:
3. Use Resize to set.

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