Send Image To Group

Choose where you send your capture.

Check to copy the capture to Image Editor to show and edit. Click the Open button on the right to show Image Editor.

Check to copy the capture to the standard Windows Clipboard to be pasted into other programs, such as Microsoft Word.

Check to print the capture directly using the default printer. Click the print settings button on the right to change.

Print Settings Dialog
Print size options

Original image size - Select to print the image in the original image size. Since the normal image captured on the screen has a resolution of the screen, usually 96 dpi (dot per inch) or 120 dpi, and a modern printer can have 600 dpi or more, the image may look small in the original size.

Fit to page - Select to zoom the image to the page size, keeping the aspect ratio.

Zoom to - Select to print the image zoomed to your choice. The largest will be the size that fits the page size.

Smooth zooming - Check to print the image zoomed smoothly.

Position options
Choose a place for the image to appear on the paper.

Add title
Enter a title of your choice to be printed on the paper.

Filename - Check to include the filename if the image is saved to a file.

Add to bottom - Check to show the title at the bottom. Otherwise, it will show at the top.

Printer Settings...
Click to set up and change the printer.

Print Now
Click to print directly to the printer using the current settings.
This button is only available when loaded from Image Editor.

Check to send the image as an attachment using the default email program on your PC.

Email Settings Dialog
Send automatically
Send the capture as an attachment directly to the default email program outbox.
A step-by-step guide

Show the default email dialog before sending
Show the email before sending it, allowing you to add and change the email. E.g. if you use Outlook as your email on your PC, it loads the Outlook email dialog box.

Enter the recipient email addresses. Use ';' or ',' to separate multiple email recipients.

Enter the CC email recipients. Use ';' or ',' to separate multiple email recipients.

Send a Test Email
Press this button to check the correctness of all the mailing recipients and send an email to your email outbox with a sample image file attached. The attachment will be replaced by your capture in the future.

You may email a capture later from Image Editor:
Or, copy&paste to your email:

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