Resizing Tools

Click this button to resize the image or the canvas (background).

Resize Dialog

Resize image
Resize the entire image that will be zoomed. The size can be bigger or smaller.

Lock aspect ratio - If you change one dimension (width or height), the other dimension will automatically be changed to maintain the proportions of the image.

Boxes, to this width, to this height, and resize by percentage can be entered for your purposes.

Resize objects - To resize all objects on the image, otherwise, objects will not be resized. This is enabled when Lock aspect ratio is checked.

Resize canvas (background)
Resize the background of the image. The image itself is not zoomed, but may be moved according to the anchor position.

New width and New height - Enter to assign.

Anchor - Move the original image to the anchor position

Color - Choose the background color, White or Transparent

When Transparent is selected, you may not see the transparency right away when no image part is transparent. You may use the Flood Fill tool, pick transparent from the color dropdown, and set a part of the image to transparent.

Transparency is only saved in PNG and SHF files.

Step-by-step guide - combine captures into one big image


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