File Formats

Displaying File Extensions

A file extension is the characters that appear after the period of the file name, like in Usually, it indicates the file format.

Major File Formats

.SHF - ScreenHunter File
An SHF file is a graphics file created by ScreenHunter. It keeps all vector objects, such as arrows, labels, and text boxes editable.
Files with an extension of ".shf" are associated with ScreenHunter 7 Pro. SHF supports transparency.

SHFs created by ScreenHunter 6 can be read and modified in ScreenHunter 7.

SHFs created using ScreenHunter 7 Pro 32-bit can be read into ScreenHunter 7 Pro 64-bit. However, SHF files created using 64-bit cannot be read into a 32-bit ScreenHunter 7 Pro.

.JPG - JPEG File
JPG uses lossy compression. Lossy means that some image quality is lost when the JPG data is compressed and saved, and the quality can never be recovered. You can choose 1-100% for the quality factor, with 100 being the least loss possible.

.PNG - Portable Network Graphic
Designed to be a lossless graphic format. ScreenHunter 7 creates small size PNG files. PNG supports transparency.

.GIF - Graphics Interchange Format
A popular web graphic format. GIFs contain a maximum of 256 colors. ScreenHunter 7 creates high-quality GIF images.
You can use another of our products, MotionGIF, to create animated GIF files.

.TIF - Tagged Image File Format
A lossless form of file compression, which means they’re larger than most but don’t lose image quality.

.PDF - Portable Document Format
A common format to use to view and print. You can use any web browser or Adobe Reader to view a PDF file, they are free programs.

.BMP - Windows Bitmap File
A common file format used to display bitmap images.
Although the size is big, the BMP format is the fastest in saving to your hard drive.

Other Image Files Supported to Read

.ICO - Icon File
.CUR - Cursor File
.ANI - Animated Cursor or Animated GIF File
.DIB - Microsoft Device Independent Bitmap File
.RLE - Microsoft Run Length Encoding File

Video File Formats

.MP4 - MPEG-4 File
MP4 is the most commonly used in newer video cameras, TV hardware, and internet videos.
It is supported by all HTML5 browsers and Flash Players. MP4 is recommended by YouTube.

.FLV - Flash Video File
Flash video format is developed by Macromedia.

Choose Default Viewers by File Type

By default, only .SHF files are associated with ScreenHunter 7 Pro. All other image files may have different viewing/editing programs associated.

If you want your image files, say .png files, to automatically open using an app other than the one provided by Microsoft, you can change it from the Windows Control Panel:

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