Paint Tools

Flood fill tool - Fill the pixels that you click, and neighboring pixels of similar color, with the Flood fill color and Opacity set below.

Flood fill color - You can choose Transparent or pick any color on your screen using the color picker.

Flood fill Tolerance - Neighboring pixels are only filled if their values fall within this range. So it can be used as a magic wand.

By choosing Transparent, you can set the image transparent:

Brush tool - For painting brush strokes on the image. It uses the width, color, and opacity set below.

Brush Color - You can click and pick any color on your screen using the color picker.

Brush width - Pick from the drop down.

Opacity - The Flood fill and Brush Opacity
(5%: Mostly transparent - 100%: Complete opaque)

Opacity operation example:

Opacity works for both Flood fill and Brush.


Selection as a mask
When flood fill is painted outside of the selection, the selected part will be masked. This works for both Select area and Select using Freehand.

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