Files Group

Choose the AVI video file options.


Automatic naming - Select to automatically generate a filename.

Automatic Fielnaming Settings Dialog
Filename options group
Check to include the text you want to add to your filename.

Note - Check to add a note text.
Automatic number - Check to add an automatically generated sequence number.
Number of digits - Check if you want to have a fixed number of digits, such as 2 for 01, 02, 3 for 001, 002, etc.

Next number - It will keep increasing after each recording. You may enter any number to set the starting number.
End at - Check to set an end number. When the end number is reached, it will stop recording.

Date, Time, Computer name, and User name - Self-explanatory.

Order group
Highlight an item in the list box and click the up and down buttons on the right to change the sequence.

Spacing group
Choose what to use between characters in the filename.

Overwrite options when file exists group
These options are only for actions when a newly generated filename already exists in the target folder.

Never overwrite - always generate a new filename automatically, in a filname (###) format.
Ask - Ask me each time.
Overwrite - Overwrite all the time.

Ask me - Select if you want to be asked each time. A dialog box will be displayed after each recording. You can change the filename and location.

The 'Ask me' default value will change to what is used if Use last folder is checked.

Set name - Select to use this filename for all recordings. It will overwrite the file if it exists.

The default location where the captured images are saved.

Open Video File Location - Open the location where the video files are saved.

Select Video File Location - Assign or create a folder to save recorded videos.

When AutoScreenRecorder 5 was first run on a PC, it will create a folder called AutoScreenRecorder on your desktop as the default folder. You can change it anywhere of your choice.

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