Video Trimmer, Converter & Resizer

Click Trim / Convert... from the top menu to show the trimmer & converter dialog.


Trim - Save the selected part to a new video. Use the selection slider to choose any part of the video. The selected part's beginning and end times will be displayed.

Convert whole file - Convert the entire file to be a different format assigned below.

Convert to

You can convert the trimmed or whole file to a different video format, such as an animated GIF file. Trimming and conversion can be done at the same time.


You can resize the trimmed or whole file to a different resolution for MP4, AVI, GIF, MKV, and MOV files. Trimming, conversion, and resizing can be done at the same time.

The aspect ratio is always kept. You may resize to certain width or height. In percentage, you may resize up to 200% each time.

Save to

Pick a location and assign the new filename. The file extension will be added according to the file format picked from the Convert to drop-down.

Extract Audio - You may extract audio of any part of the video to a MP3 audio or WAV file.


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