Screen Group

This group assigns what you want to capture or record.

Rectangular area
Capture an image or record a video in a rectangular area.

Adjust - Use the mouse and keyboard to adjust the area before capturing. Operation Flow

The Magnifier and Highlight colors may be customized on the Options tab.

Rectangular Area Settings Dialog
Any size - Select any area.

Lock aspect ratio - Locks the area’s aspect ratio.

1:1 (square)
4:3 (standard TV)
16:9 (widescreen)
Custom - Capture an area with your aspect ratio (1-50).

Fixed size - Set a fixed rectangular area in pixels. The max size is full screen.

Fixed area - Capture a fixed area on the screen. When selected, more timer features are available in the Timer group.

The area can be defined by clicking the settings button on the right. Use the mouse and keyboard to adjust the area. You can also press Enter or Space to finish.

Capture an entire window or an object on a window, even if it is covered or hidden.

Click the settings button on the right to show Window Capture Settings Dialog
Any window, button, menu, etc. - Capture an entire window or an object on a window.

Multiple - Check to capture more than one object, such as cascading menu blocks, buttons, and windows.

When capturing multiple objects, click the left mouse button to add an object, and then press Enter or Space bar to finish.

Active window (press hotkey to capture) - Capture a currently active window when you press your hotkey. The active window is the window that is currently in focus and with which you are interacting.
Step-by-step guide to capturing active windows along with automatic file naming

Specific window - Capture a specific window, even if it is minimized or covered.

Refresh - Click to refresh and show available windows.

Full screen
Capture the full screen. Maximum resolution: 25,000x25,000

Monitors are listed as: [resolution] [name]
Beside [resolution], (main) means the main display assigned on your Windows control panel.
In [name], (built-in) means it is a built-in monitor.

Step-by-step guide on full-screen games

If you make a monitor change, you may need to restart ScreenHunter 7 to get it refreshed.
Additional timer features are unlocked in the Timer group.

To record a video, depending on your PC power, you might want to choose an individual monitor, not 'All monitors'.

Capture a non-rectangular area (for image only). Click the settings button on the right for options.

Shape Capture Settings Dialog

Auto scroll
Automatically scroll down a window or webpage to capture.

Speed - Scrolling is application dependent, so you may need to slow down the scrolling speed that works for your machine and scrolling window content. For webpages, try different browsers.

Press Esc to stop auto-scrolling and capture the scrolled part so far. You can use this to control where to finish in order to capture a specific part of a large scrollable window.

Step-by-step guide

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