Scan an image from a scanner.

Click Settingsā€¦ to select a scanner.

Select Source Dialog
The Sources list will show the scanners installed on the PC.

Click Scan to start the scanner.

When using ScreenHunter 7 Pro 64-bit, some scanners may not be listed due to scanner vendors not supplying 64-bit Twain drivers. Why?

You may use ScreenHunter 7 32-bit to scan, or scan from the scanner software directly.

To launch ScreenHunter 7 Pro 32-bit,

1. Exit ScreenHunter 7 Pro 64-bit by clicking the Quit button at the top-right.

2. In Windows Explorer, go to the ScreenHunter 7 Pro folder.

Usually in: {C:}/Program Files (x86)/ScreenHunter 7 Pro:
3. Double-click ScreenHunter7Pro32.exe to run.

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