MotionStudio & MotionGIF Key Features


Image blending

Any image can have opacity from 1 to 100


Translucent Objects

By choosing "Translucent" Drawing Style, and a Fill Color on Property Sheet, object will have translucent effect.


Transparent color

By choosing a "Transparent" color of your image, the image will be transparent. This can create transparent animation.

Background frame

Background is a layer behind all frames. It is also a frame. That is, it can hold all kind of objects too.

You can add commonly used images, shapes to the background which will appear on all the frames. So, no need to add one-by-one on each frame.

  Transparent color support

This is a sample GIF file, sold_out.gif included in the setup package, with white transparent color appears on a gray background.


Frame List for easy navigation and managing frames

Frame List provides an intuitive way to view, navigate, duplicate and manage all frames. A single click on a frame from the list will take you to the frame.

'5 easy steps to create your animated GIF' guide

Importing 16 common image file formats

It handles 16 common image file formats, including  JPEG, GIF and PNG with a preview, including animated GIF files. You can also create new images easily.

Vector-based graphic tools

Graphical objects and painting tools include rectangles, ellipses, text labels, brushes and pen lines. 

Using brush/pen to create objects too

Using the paint brush tool, you can create brush line objects. And you can edit the brush line further by dragging and adding editing points to suit your needs.


Drag & drop to make your own library to reuse objects

MotionGIF offers you the capability to create your own library of objects. It's just a matter of drag & drop to create and reuse the objects in a library, so you don't have to recreate each time.

Step-by-Step Guides


Visual effects for frame transition

The frame transition feature helps generate animation instantly. With 45 built-in visual effects, It's just a series of clicks, your animation is done!


Image editing and high quality GIF

MotionGIF provides a powerful image editor for you to edit your imported or created image -- by high quality zooming, resizing, and cropping.

MotionGIF creates high quality GIF images.


Easy-to-use Built-in Player

With a single click, you can preview your animation right away. Also, you can preview it in Internet Explorer.

Create animated GIF and export to HTML file

You can export an HTML file containing the code that uses the animated GIF file.