Capture Tab  

The Capture tab lets you change how you want to capture an image or record a video.



Use hotkeys

Check to use keyboard shortcuts. Click the Settings button on the right to assign and change keyboard hotkeys to capture and record at the touch of a key.

Hotkey Settings Dialog

ScreenZoom is used to magnify the screen and draw. ScreenDraw is used to draw on the screen without magnifying.

What you want to capture.

Rectangular area
Capture an image or record a video in a rectangular area. The Magnifier and Highlight colors may be customized on the Options tab.

Rectangular Area Settings Dialog

Any size
    Allows you to capture any area.

Make the rectangular area adjustable after capture so you can further adjust the area using the mouse and keyboard.

Lock the aspect ratio
 Locks the area’s aspect ratio.

 1:1 (Square)
4:3 (Standard TV)
16:9 (Wide screen)
Custom Capture an area with any aspect ratio (1-20).

Fixed size
    Set a fixed rectangular area in pixels. The max size is full screen.

Fixed area
Capture a fixed area on the screen and click the button on the right to preview and set. When selected, more timer features are unlocked in the Timer group.

The area can be defined by clicking the fixed area size button on the right. Use the mouse and keyboard to adjust the area. You can also press Enter or Space to set.

This feature is useful for monitoring and capturing something that changes constantly, such as stock prices.

Capture an entire window or an object on a window, even if it is covered or hidden. Highlight colors may be customized on the Options tab. Additional options are available by clicking the settings button on the right.

Window Capture Settings Dialog

Any window, button, menu, etc.
Capture an entire window or an object on a window.

Check to capture more than one object, such as cascading menu blocks, buttons and windows.

When capturing multiple objects, click the left mouse button to add an object, and then press Enter or Space bar on your keyboard to finish.

Active window
Capture a currently active window. The active window is the window that is currently in focus and with which you are interacting. When selected, additional timer features are unlocked in the Timer group.

Specific window
Capture a specific window, even if it is minimized or covered.

Click to refresh and show available windows.
This list may change when a window on your machine is closed or updated.

   Client area only
Capture the client area of a window. The client area is the inside area of the window excluding the title bar, toolbars, status bar, and scroll bars.

Full screen

Capture the full screen. When selected, additional timer features are unlocked in the Timer group.

Multiple monitors are for image only. Full screen recording will always record the main monitor.

Capture a non-rectangular area.

This is for image only.

Shape Capture Settings Dialog
Additional options are available by clicking the settings button on the right

Background color refers to the color that the negative space will be shaded in.

Auto scroll

ScreenHunter scrolls down windows or webpages while capturing.
Scrolling is application dependent, so auto scroll may not work with all applications, such as windows that have constantly changing content.

                Choose the scrolling speed that works for your machine and scrolling window content.

What you want to add to the image capture or recorded video.


Add the mouse pointer.

Video Cursor Spotlight Settings Dialog
This is for videos only, and has no effects while capturing an image.

Check Show click effect when you need to show where cursor clicks occur in a recorded video. You can choose one of the following shapes.

Select Solid if you want the circle to be filled.


Color can be chosen from Red, Yellow, Green or Blue.

Check Highlight cursor when you need to highlight the cursor in a recorded video.

Select to add a text annotation.

Caption Settings Dialog
                Click the button on the right to show.

Caption Text
Check to include the text you want to add. A date and time format can be selected from the dropdown list.

Highlight an item in the box and click the up
 or down  buttons on the right to change the sequence.

Visual Options

You can choose the text font, color, background color and transparency percent of the caption and the position of the caption.

Check to add a watermark.

Watermark Settings Dialog

Image File
Click the folder icon
on the right to choose an image file to use as the watermark.

Visual Options
Choose different scale and transparency options for the watermark.

Choose a position for the watermark to appear in the image or video.

Check to downscale down the capture.
Choose a scale from the dropdown list on the right.


Check only if you need to use timed features.

Check to set a delay from the moment the hotkey is pressed to the time the image gets captured or the recording is started. The maximum delay time is 100 seconds.

This takes effect only when the hotkey is pressed. It has no effect when the Capture Now or Record Now button is pressed as these are always immediate.

Check to capture according to a schedule. It will be enabled when Fixed area, Active window or Specific window is selected in Window, or Full screen is selected in the Screen group.

Scheduled Capture Settings Dialog

Capture an image or record a video.

Start at
Set the starting time for the recurrence.

Click the drop-down to select the date. Type or press the up and down arrows to set the hour, minute and second.

Choose from the following options,

Once - Only capture or record once.
Every day - Capture or record every day.
Weekly – Check the days you want.
Monthly - Choose a day in the month and month intervals.

Choose how your scheduled captures will finish.

Forever - No end date.
End at –
End at a specific date and time.

The text on the button will show the main information of your selection on the Scheduled Capture Settings dialog, in this format: (type) (date time) (schedule).

type): i - image; v – video
(date time): month-day hour : minute 
(schedule): o - Once; e – Every day; w – Weekly; m - Monthly

 For example: this translates to capturing an image, starting at July 1st at 9:30, and every day afterwards.

If you want to capture or record immediately when ScreenHunter is launched, select Start at at a date-time earlier than the ScreenHunter launch time.

(for image only)
Automatically capture images at given intervals. Available when Fixed area, Active window or Specific window in Window, or Full screen is selected in the Screen group.

Choose your interval time and unit for auto-capture and assign a duration of capture.

To stop auto-capturing after it starts
Press the Capture Now button again. The button will only be enabled when auto-capturing.
Press the image capture
hotkey again if hotkeys are enabled.

If the interval is set to no more than 10 seconds, no messages are displayed after each capture.