Add Group

What you want to add to the image capture or recorded video.

Add the mouse pointer. AutoScreenRecorder can record enlarged mouse pointers on Windows 10.

In a recorded video:

Cursor Effect Settings Dialog
Highlight cursor - When you need to highlight the cursor in a recorded video.

Size - Assign the circle size comparing to the current cursor size.
Color - Choose from a color panel.

Show click effect - when you need to show where cursor clicks occur in a recorded video. You can choose one of the following shapes.

Shape - choose one:

Circle - Check Solid if you want the circle to be filled.
Square - Square effect
Focus - Focus effect

Color - Click effect color

Select to add a text annotation.

Caption Settings Dialog
Caption text
Check to include the text you want to add. A date and time format can be selected from the dropdown list.

Highlight an item in the box and click the up  or down  buttons on the right to change the sequence.

Visual options

You can choose the text font, color, background color, transparency percent, and the position of the caption.

Check to add a watermark.

Watermark Settings Dialog

Image File
Click the folder icon on the right to choose an image file to use as the watermark. You may use a transparent PNG or SHF file.

Visual Options
Choose a different scale and transparency options for the watermark.

Choose a position for the watermark to appear in the video.

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