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screenhunter 6 Pro
Latest version: 6.0.865 Last updated: Apr. 16, 2015

Total screen capture solution to get the highest quality pictures.

Also capturing long web pages, webcam, menu blocks, timed & bulk capture and turning to a PDF maker.

Newly designed image editor, profile, ScreenZoom, and more...

Never lose what you see. It's the most exciting ScreenHunter yet.   More...(pdf)



All images of on this website are made by ScreenHunter Pro only.


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Rated #2 in 2015 "Best Screen Capture" by Top 10 REVIEWS

"ScreenHunter Pro is easy to use and works well to capture images, objects, entire screens, webpages and much more. It's among the best screen capture software on the market. It offers a host of features and capture options as well as editing tools to manipulate, enhance and prepare images for presentations, lectures, instruction manuals and other needs. The company that produces ScreenHunter Pro, Wisdom Software Inc., provides excellent support to ensure your product works effectively and efficiently. For these reasons, this screen capture software wins the TopTenREVIEWS Silver Award."

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Featured in Microsoft TechNet magazine.

Screen captures offer a great way to document step-by-step user instructions, illustrate error messages that occur in applications, or put together a quick feature presentation... If you want more granular control over what gets captured and when it gets captured, or if you want to capture a screen from movie playback, you'll need to check out one of the many third-party screen capture utilities available to help you do so. One such tool is ScreenHunter Pro from Wisdom Software. This inexpensive utility has a number of useful features that let you tailor your screen captures to meet your specific needs better.

The UI is straightforward. You simply pick where your screen capture should come from and then direct it to where the capture should go using the aptly named From and To tabs. In terms of what you can capture, the application lets you grab an adjustable or fixed rectangular area, a specific object or window, the active window, a specific portion of the active window, the whole screen, a DirectX or screensaver source, movie playback, or a more complex shape (a freehand, elliptical, or polygon area that you define). You can also capture multiple window objects or message boxes at the same time (which is great for snagging only the active application along with its dialog or other windows interfaces). You can then dump the screen capture to the clipboard, a specified viewer or editor, a printer, or a file. You can even choose to have it sent to an e-mail address.





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