AutoScreenRecorder 3 Free
Latest version: 3.1.125 Last updated: Jan. 28, 2013

Free screen recorder.

Simple and easy, it's where everything can be preset (auto-naming, what-to-record and recorded video location) and you only need to press a single key to record.

It's free for personal use. A company license is required to use in any organization.




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Rated 5 Star "Spectacular" by CNet

"There's more than one way to record desktop video, but most of them have the common problem of taking too long to open and use. Wisdom Software's AutoScreenRecorder is an easy-to-use, free tool for quickly recording video of your desktop, including mouse gestures. Once you've set it up to suit your needs, all you need to do is press a hot key to start recording video with AutoScreenRecorder.

AutoScreenRecorder's user interface features large, clearly marked buttons for all the functions you'll use most often. Record Now/Stop and Stand By buttons handle recording duties, while From, To, and Advanced buttons access properties pages with simple but useful options. For example, under From we could configure the hot-key combos. Pressing F9 starts recording instantly, letting us quickly capture desktop images. We could also select which part of the screen to capture. The rectangular selection tool is the program's default, but after we'd used AutoScreenRecorder for a while, we realized the best choice is the full-screen capture: you won't miss anything important, and you can always edit later.

The rectangular selection tool has various advantages, too, such as magnification, but it's too fiddly and takes too long for quick jobs. Under To, we could choose a recording codec (Microsoft Video 1 is the default selection) and AVI file options as well as setting file-naming options and choosing a destination folder. The Advanced settings are actually quite basic, just check boxes for showing Screentips Help and using bold text for selected items. We could also add AutoScreenRecorder to our Startup menu. Clicking Help on the interface opened an indexed, searchable Help file that explained the program's features and functions.

As we noted, using a single function key to start recording desktop video instantly is the best way to use AutoScreenRecorder, and the program's best advantage over similar tools. We pressed F9, and then pressed it again moments later. AutoScreenRecorder opened the AVI recording inside our default media player and simultaneously opened a small pop-up that let us choose to save the video within 30 seconds, at which time it would be saved automatically in our destination folder. The video played cleanly in our player. "



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