Extracting video images with no loss - LL-DeComp Lossless Decompilation

Designed by a team of law enforcement experts, forensic science scholars and experienced developers,
LL-DeComp is crafted for the world of surveillance CCTV-DVR and civil & criminal recorded matters.
It extracts still frame images with original quality, no loss of resolution.
It identifies duplicated images automatically that you need not to look further.
And there is no learning curve required to get the most of it.

What makes LL-DeComp Unique?

One of a Kind On the Market

LL-DeComp is designed for law enforcement and specifically towards security cameras and other surveillance matters.

Lossless Quality Images

LL-DeComp comes with its own lossless video codec that will record and extract images with no loss at all, the highest possible quality.

Clearly Marked Duplicates

It will extract all video images and with unchanged frames clearly marked, so you don't have to go through one by one.