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Note: Some are for ScreenHunter 6 Pro only.


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ScreenHunter 6 Answers

 General / Registration

ScreenHunter has three versions, which one is right for me?

ScreenHunter 6 Pro is the most advanced version of ScreenHunter with all the necessary tools included for your capture needs. It's fully functional for a trial period and required to pay $29.95 US to get licensed.

ScreenHunter 6 Plus
is for anyone who doesn't need the extra functionality in 6 Pro and enjoy the economical price.

ScreenHunter 6 Free is a completely free program. It doesn't need a license key and has no expiration date. However, it has limited functionality comparing to other versions.

Click here for the features in different versions.

Support is provided to ScreenHunter 6 Pro and Plus registered users only.

How do I add ScreenHunter to automatically start with Windows?

If you're using the Free or Plus version, some controls are disabled that they are only available in the Pro version.

In the Pro version however, depending on your selection, it might be some features are not associated with it. Eg. Auto-capture.

Click here for the features in different versions.

Do you have a step-by-step guide on how to use the features?

Yes. Click here for step-by-step guides.

I'm a registered user of previous ScreenHunter, how do I upgrade to 6?

Click here for the how to upgrade.

Click here for the upgrade prices.

The "Register" button is disabled, but I got an unlicensed stamp in the capture. How do I reset my license key?

You can clean up your ScreenHunter license key and reset. Here are steps,

  1. Make sure ScreenHunter is not running


    No hand icon in your system tray. If found, right-click and choose "Exit".


    Right-click on your Windows taskbar and make sure there's no ScreenHunter running. If found, click "End Process" to exit.


  2. Download and save sh_reg_clean.reg file onto your desktop. Double click the file to add to the registry. (click Yes when asked.)
    Or, use the commandline swith /R to run.

  3. Run ScreenHunter. It should now ask you for your license key. Enter (or copy&paste) your license key.


 Overall Operations

How do I show the main window again?

When the main window is not visible, to show it, you can do any of the following,

  1. From Image Editor, click the Show Main Window icon on the toolbar.

  2. Click the 'Show Main Window' in the View menu.

  3. Double-click the ScreenHunter icon in the system tray.

  4. Right-click on the system tray icon and select Open Main Window.

How do I start ScreenHunter without showing the main window (silent start)?

Click the 'Start in tray. ..." on the Options tab. (not available in the Free version)

What is a Profile?

A profile is a collection of settings you picked on the From and To tab, such as hotkey, what to capture and where to save your captures. You can name a profile and use it any time by point and click.

The top-right button will show the current status that either a profile is used or no profile is used. Click the button to show the Profile Manager dialog.

Click here for more.

What is a hotkey?

A hotkey is like a shortcut key, a combination of keyboard strokes that you press on your keyboard to do a task. E.g. the hotkey combination "Ctrl+C", pressing the Ctrl key and C key together on your keyboard, is commonly used to copy.

In ScreenHunter, by default, to start capturing, the F6 key is the hotkey. That is, you can press the F6 key on your keyboard, not on the screen, to start capturing.

If you want to change this key, you can click the hotkey button on the screen and choose any function key, Print Screen key or other key combination.


What is the system tray?

ScreenHunter 6 can be set visible or invisible. There are options on the Options tab where you can set.

You can choose the Minimize and Close options to be visible or not on the Taskbar, sitting in the system tray, or Exit the application.

ScreenHunter will always be available from your system tray. The system tray is located in the Windows Taskbar, usually at the bottom right corner next to the clock. It contains miniature icons for easy access to running programs such as clock, sound volume and ScreenHunter. Double click or right click on an icon to view and access details.


To end ScreenHunter, you need to Exit the program.

To do that, click the Exit link
at the bottom of the main window or in the Tasks group on the Tasks tab, or right click on the hand icon the System tray and choose Exit.


 General Capture

How do I capture a long web page?

Click here for a step-by-step guide.

How do I capture a movie / video screen?

Click here for a step-by-step guide.

Cannot capture from the second monitor?

ScreenHunter 6 Pro supports multiple monitors. Please make sure to check "Multiple monitors" in the "Add" group on the From tab (main window).

Make sure you have your extended monitor connected to your main PC before using this feature.

Setup example.

How do I cancel a capture?

Right-click the mouse button to cancel.

When you have started capturing and Zoombox is shown or auto-scrolling, press the Esc key on your keyboard to cancel.

To cancel auto-capturing,

  • Press the hotkey again

  • Open the main ScreenHunter screen and press the Stop button in the Timer group on the From tab

  • Press the Stop button on the toolbar in Image Editor.

How come auto-scroll doesn't scroll my window?

Click here for a step-by-step guide.

How can I capture a DOS full screen program?

Not all DOS program screen can be captured. However, there are a couple of ways you can try,

[1] Run your DOS program in a window and then use the regular means in ScreenHunter to capture, such as Rectangular area and Full screen.
     To run your DOS program in a window, press Alt-Enter key to toggle between full screen and window modes.

[2] Use Windows built-in compatibility:

  1. Open the DOS box by choosing MS-DOS Prompt from the Start/Programs. Run the DOS program. Press the "Print Screen" key found beside the F12 key. Press Esc to stop the DOS program.

  2. Click Image Editor at the bottom of ScreenHunter main window and click the New Image on the toolbar, and paste.

    For Windows XP, click this Microsoft PrintScreen key article (Q140399) for more information.

How do I capture submenus?

Click here for a step-by-step guide.

I captured a window using 'Text' capture. How come it only takes the title bar text?

Text capture is to capture an object's text label instead of image, such as taking a button's label and a window title. 

Since text capture is window dependent, it is possible some objects and windows content may not be captured and converted to text as desired. For example, it may take the entire text in Notepad, but for many windows, it only takes the title bar text.

I want to capture a translucent window, but it disappears. How come?

To capture a translucent window, make sure to check Translucent windows in the Include group,

and select Active Window, or Full screen in the Capture What group on the From tab.

If the above is not working, you may use the Advanced Full screen capture, and crop from the whole image.

How do I get rid of the red text on my capture?

It might be the Caption that you can check on/off in the Add Effects group on the To tab.

You can click the settings button on the side to change the format of the text appearing on your capture.

On Vista and Windows 7, screen increases when capturing. How do I fix?

This is a Vista & Windows 7 vs. XP font compatibility issue.
Please download and use the latest version that is compatible with Vista and Windows 7.

How do I capture tooltips?

Tooltips are application dependent. That is, depending on the target application you want to capture, it may not work with the standard capture.

If the rectangular capture doesn't capture your tooltips, you may use Full screen and Advanced in the Capture What group to capture.

In some cases, checking Mouse pointer and Trans
lucent windows in the Include group may help.

I'm running other programs while capturing DirectX full screens. Sometimes the hotkey doesn't work. Why?

It's possible that the hotkey you chose has been taken by other programs without notice.

To make sure, restart ScreenHunter. To restart, open the main window and click Exit at the bottom right. Then, run ScreenHunter again from the Windows Start. This will try to set your hotkey. Then run your DirectX program right away to capture.

If it still doesn't work, it's possible that the hotkey is conflict with the same key defined in the DirectX program. Changing your hotkey may solve the problem.

I captured a game screen, but it's blue or green only. How come?

Game and DirectX programs change the screen quickly, especially in games. There is a very good chance that at the moment the hotkey is pressed, the screen is switching memory buffers. To make sure you catch the real screen, press your hotkey several times to capture more than once.

Click here for a step-by-step guide.


How do I take a webcam screenshot or scan image? And what is a driver?

You can take webcam screenshot by choosing Webcam / scanner in the Capture What group on the From tab. Then, capture it by pressing the Capture Now button or your hotkey.

Make sure to select the webcam driver from the Select Source list by pressing the settings button on the right.

A driver is a piece of software that enables you to use a hardware device. Sometimes it comes from the hardware manufacture, like a printer/scanner driver, and sometimes it's included in Windows, like built in webcam driver.

You can press the Capture button on the dialog to actually capture.

Depending on the webcam or scanner driver, the Add Effects items you choose on the To tab may not be allowed. In this case, the webcam screenshot or scanned image will be copied to the Image Editor.


 Timed capture

The Auto-capture radio button is disabled, why?

The auto-capture is available when Fixed area, Active window, Specific window or Full screen capture is selected in the Capture What group. And if the interval is set to less than 10 seconds, there will be no messages after capture. 

Click here for a step-by-step guide.

What are ways to cancel auto-capture when it has started?

Click here to see how.

Click here for the step-by-step auto-capture feature guide.

I want to capture my PC screen at midnight, is it possible?

Yes. You can use the ScreenHunter scheduled or recurring capture feature.
Click here for a step-by-step guide.

 Saving, clipboard, printing

Can I save a capture to PDF? And how do I use it as a PDF maker?

Yes. You can save any capture to a PDF file.
You can check to save it right away on the To tab, or save/convert it from the Image Editor.

Click here for a step-by-step guide to turn a Word document (DOC) to a PDF file.

Can I change the file folder when saving a file from Image Editor?

ScreenHunter has two ways to arrange your file folder.

  • If you want to use one fixed folder to save all captures and never need to change the default, you can set the folder on the To tab and, uncheck Use the last used folder in the Folder Settings dialog.

  • If you want to use the last saved values you picked on the File Save As dialog as the default path, check Use the last used folder in the Folder Settings dialog.

What is the automatic file naming feature. How do I use it?

Click here for a step-by-step guide.

How do I efficiently use the Clipboard feature with Microsoft Word?

When you're working with a Windows program supporting the standard Windows Clipboard, such as MS Word or MotionStudio, you can use the clipboard feature to take any capture and paste into the program without leaving it.

Example when using MS Word:

On the From tab, choose F6 only as the hotkey and select Rectangular area to capture. On the To tab, check the Clipboard checkbox. (It's not necessary to have Editor or files checked at the same time.)

Press the hotkey, F6 on the keyboard, to capture any rectangular area. Then, go to MS Word, press Ctrl+V or click the menu Edit - Paste, to paste the capture into the Word document.

How is the printed image size determined when I print a capture?

Use the Wysiwyg Print dialog box to set up the way you want your capture printed.

Click here for a step-by-step guide.

Why "Fit to page" printing is slow on my printer?

On some modern printers, the default resolution for printing is high (high dpi). Because it takes time to zoom the capture to the high resolution, it can go up to 30 seconds. However, if the printer is set to "pool printing', when waiting for the print out, you can still keep doing your tasks on your PC.

This is part of the printing settings that is not controlled by ScreenHunter. To speed up printing, you can reduce the dpi to 600 and lower. Click the following for how,

What is the JPEG quality factor and what are PNG and GIF good for?

For JPEG files, the file size will depend on the quality factor you use. You can pick a file size vs. image quality tradeoff by selecting a quality factor from 1 to 100. That is, 1 for the smallest JPEG file with lowest image quality, and 100 for the biggest file with highest quality. Arguably, quality factor 75 is about the lowest you can go without expecting to see defects in a typical image. We recommend to set it to 90 as you want your capture to have good quality.

GIF files have small file size, however, a GIF file can only take a maximum of 256 colors, it needs to be converted to 256 colors from a true color capture. ScreenHunter 6 comes with high quality converter for GIFs.  Here is more.

PNG is a relatively new format that has loss-less compression which means you have the highest screen quality and also with a small file size. It's recommended by many graphics experts.

When I save as a GIF file, the 'Closest match' conversion seems slow. What are the speed/quality comparisons?

The fastest algorithm to convert to a solid 256 color is Median cut. However, Closest match has the best quality in most images.

Here is the conversion algorithm comparison. These statistics are for the most cases. The actual image result may vary.


Closest match

Median cut






Image Quality 





Error diffusion







Image Quality 





 Image Editor

How come the Image Editor is showing up each time I capture?
If you want to show or hide the Image Editor after each capture, you can check/uncheck the option checkboxes on the Options tab.

How do I get the most of Image Editor?

Click here for a step-by-step guide.

How do I make a text label?

You can enter text in any of these objects: rectangles, round rectangles, ellipses, bubbles and shapes.

Click here for how.

What if I need to zoom/resize a capture?

There are two ways to scale/zoom/resize a capture.

  • Use auto-scale. Check Auto-scale in the Add Effects group on the To tab and set up the way you want your captures scaled in the Auto-Scale Settings dialog. All captures will be automatically scaled according to your settings.

  • Use ScreenHunter Image Editor to zoom and resize.

       On the Tools Panel

    Click here
    for a step-by-step guide.

What is a SHF file?

The ScreenHunter File (SHF) format is
a native ScreenHunter created file that keeps all objects editable when you load next time. It is available when you save your capture (bitmap) and drawing objects in Image Editor. The file extension is .shf.

The Bitmap and objects are kept in the original quality that you can change and export to other image formats, such as JPEG, PNG, GIF of PDF.

Click here for more on other formats.

In the Image Editor, the bitmap image will remain in its original quality and all objects will remain in the SHF format that objects are editable even you export (save as) to other format, such as a JPG file. If you want to load the saved JPG file, you need to load the JPG file from your hard drive.
You can always convert drawing objects to bitmap if you need to.

In Image Editor, how to select an area accurately?

You can zoom the image first, then use the selection tool to select.

To zoom, choose the following menu item,

You may want to uncheck Smooth Zooming in the View menu to avoid confusion in pixel selection. 

What is the maximum number of images can be loaded in Viewer?

When Keep only the last 30 images is checked on the Options tab, it keeps the last 30 images or text, and discards the old ones to reduce the memory usage.

If the checkbox is unchecked, the maximum number of images can be loaded is 100. However, if you use files to save your images, there is no limit on how many images are saved to your hard drive.

How do I set to open an image in IE? When I view in IE 6, it's resized. How come?

You can tell Windows to use IE to open an image file all the time. To do that, right-click the image file on Windows Explorer (press Windows + E to launch Explorer). And select Open With in the menu, and Choose Program... in the submenu.

On the Open With dialog, highlight IE and check Always use the selected program to open this kind of file.

Click OK. From the next time on, double click the image file will open IE to view.

When you don't want IE to resize your image, you can turn off Automatic Image Resizing in IE.

From IE 6, choose Internet Options from the Tools menu, and uncheck the item.



I use Microsoft Outlook. How do I send multiple captures in one email?

  1. Check Email on the To tab to capture. And select Show the default email dialog on the settings dialog.

  2. Press your hotkey to capture. When the Outlook email dialog box comes up with a capture, click the Save button on the toolbar to save. Then, close the Outlook dialog by clicking the close button on the title bar.

  3. Keep on capturing using the above step.

  4. Open Outlook and go to Inbox. You will find all captures are saved in a separate email. 

  5. Make a new email and drag all captures from the saved emails to this one and send.

Why is the Email checkbox disabled on the To tab?

ScreenHunter needs an email management program that follows the MAPI standard installed on your PC. Outlook is an example which follows the standard.

When started, ScreenHunter uses the generic MAPI logon procedure to logon to the default email manager on the PC if the email manager exists. This is to initialize the auto-emailing feature. If it doesn't support, the checkbox will be disabled.

To check your machine to see the MAPI component is installed.

  1. Using RegEdit to check your registry to see whether it has a "MAPI" key,
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE => SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Messaging Subsystem

  2. Is "MAPI32.DLL" found in your Windows system folder?
    If not, you need to install the component.

When set to send an email, there is a message saying "Either there is no default mail client ..." from Outlook. How do I set Outlook as my default email client?

Use the following steps to set Outlook as the default email client:

  1. Run Internet Explorer and choose Internet Options... from the Tools menu,
    - Or -
    Right-click the Internet Explorer Desktop icon, and then click Properties in the menu.

  2. On the Programs tab, click to select Outlook in the E-mail list.

  3. Click OK to close the window.

 Web Capture

How do I capture an image from the Web?

A couple of ways,

What if I need to capture a website that uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)?

For security and legal reasons it's prohibited to capture information from SSL sites.


How do I use ScreenZoom & ScreenDraw in my presentation?

You can enlarge the entire screen anytime by pressing a hotkey on your keyboard. It's very useful when you want to show something better.

Click here for a step-by-step guide.

I'm a developer, how to use ScreenHunter 6 Pro from my program?

To run ScreenHunter from your program, you can find ScreenHunter 6 Pro program location in Registry. You also can use commend line switches to run ScreenHunter 6 Pro from your program.

To find ScreenHunter 6 Pro program

Key   HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Wisdom-soft\ScreenHunter\6Pro
Item  Program

Command line switches

Make sure ScreenHunter is not running when using these commands.



/{image file full path}

To load an image in Viewer automatically.


Execute "Capture Now" right away using the current settings.

It's like pressing the Capture Now button.


Execute Capture Now and Exit ScreenHunter.
Only Fixed area, Active window, Specific window and Full screen in the Capture What can be selected.


Execute pressing your hotkey using the current settings.
It's like to press the hotkey.


Exit ScreenHunter if found.


To run more than one instance of ScreenHunter.exe

Note: This may cause one ScreenHunter to lock other ScreenHunter instances. It's only for advanced users to use temporarily.

Click the image to enlarge.


To reset all options to the initial default values.

How do I install 6 Pro after running 6 Plus, or vise versa?

ScreenHunter 6 Pro and 6 Plus has different license keys. Although they both can be installed on the same machine at the same time to run side-by-side, but it's not recommended. For greater performance, one has to be un-installed before the other is installed.

1. Check the current version. Double click to open the ScreenHunter main window.

Title: "Wisdom-soft ScreenHunter 6 Pro", that's the "Pro" version.
Title: "Wisdom-soft ScreenHunter 6 Plus", that's the "Plus" version is currently running.

2. Exit and make sure no ScreenHunter is running. (Check the Windows taskbar in the system tray that there should have no ScreenHunter icon showing).


3. Uninstall all ScreenHunter programs. From Start/Programs/Wisdom-soft ScreenHunter/Uninstall. Click the Start/Programs again to make sure no ScreenHunter exists.

4. Run the install pack:

"6 Pro": setupscreenhunter.exe
"6 Plus": setupscreenhunterplus.exe

How do I get back to use all default options?

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