Object Tools

Rather than painting directly on an image, you can draw a vector object on a layer that is over the image. Object drawing is a shape-based process where every line, shape and text is editable.

Object Tools and Properties Panel

ScreenHunter has many tools for drawing vector objects. You can draw basic shapes, arrows, freehand paths, load symbols and pictures. Once an object is created or selected, the Properties panel displays the properties of the currently selected object.

The Object selection tool selects one or more objects.

Before you can do anything with any object, you must use this tool to select it.

Once an object is selected, the properties panel displays the properties of the object and you can make changes on the panel.

To select an object, you can

  • Click the object
  • Drag a selection area around the objects
  • To add an object to the selection, hold down the Shift key and click the object
  • To toggle an object in the selection, hold down the Ctrl key and click the object

All objects can be converted to the bitmap. Once they are converted and painted, they become part of the bitmap and cannot be edited.


Arrow or Line

To draw a vector object,

  1. Click the object tool, e.g. arrow or line tool. It will appear as pressed down.
  2. Point your mouse to a starting point on the image and press down the left mouse button.
  3. Hold the mouse button and drag it across to the end point and release the button.
  4. You can change the properties on the properties panel.


You can add text to any rectangles, round rectangles, ellipses, bubbles and shapes.

To add & edit text on an object,

  • Click the text icon  or,
  • Press the Enter key or
  • Press the Space key or
  • Press Ctrl + Alt + T

Round rectangle

To adjust the roundness, drag the yellow handle and move.

You can add a drop shadow to any rectangles, round rectangles, ellipses and pictures.

Please see the Rectangle and Round Rectangle tool for operation details.


It uses the same way to add text as for rectangles above.


You can change angle, sides color, etc., on the Properties Panel.

Drag the yellow handle to change the angle.


Freehand line

To adjust the curves, drag a blue handle and move.


Symbols are like icons that you can place anywhere as an object. When the Symbol tool is clicked, you can choose a symbol from the Symbol Picker dialog. Click the Symbol group dropdown to show the available symbols.

To change a symbol that has been created, you can double-click on the symbol or click the Change Symbol button on the Properties Panel to change.


A picture can be loaded as a picture object. You can resize and move anywhere on the image.

On the Properties Panel,

  • When Lock size is checked, the picture will be kept in the original size and not resizable.
  • When Lock aspect ratio is checked, the picture can be resized but the width and height aspect ratio will be locked.
  • Check Drop shadow to add a drop shadow.

You can add a drop shadow to any rectangles, round rectangles, ellipses and pictures.