Main Window and Desktop Toolbar

The main Window includes top buttons and tabs.

Top Buttons

These buttons are accessible from all tabs.

  Capture Now
  Press this button to immediately capture an image with the current settings.

  Record Now
  Press this button to immediately record a video with the current settings.

  Toggle Webcam
 Click to show and click again to hide the webcam.

 Open Image Editor
 Show Image Editor where you can modify and alter any image.

 You can draw and write freely on screen before capturing. It "freezes" the screen where you can draw directly on it.

 Toggle Desktop Toolbar
 Show or hide the ScreenHunter Desktop Toolbar.

 Profile Manager
 Show the Profile Manager dialog. Profiles save all current settings to a location you can access later to create the same capture effect.

 Help File
 Access the help file.

 Exit ScreenHunter 7 Pro


ScreenHunter has five main tabs:

Capture How you want to capture an image or record a video.

Save Image How you want to save the image.

Save Video How you want to save the video.

Options Customize your ScreenHunter experience.

Other useful tools.

When running, the ScreenHunter icon will appear in the system tray or notifications area

Desktop Toolbar

Desktop Toolbar is a miniature window of the ScreenHunter Main Window. It is anchored to the edge of your desktop screen, and it contains buttons that give you quick access to capture and record.

To open the toolbar, move your mouse over the little bar on the top (or bottom) edge. When it is open, you can click anywhere on the toolbar (other than the buttons) to move the toolbar.

You can pin the toolbar and move it. After it is unpinned, it will reside in the closest edge of your desktop.

To show or hide desktop toolbar
Click again on the desktop toolbar button at top.